Britt Erickson - Pilates Instructor

Britt began her own Pilates practice 12 years ago. After living with a painful back injury, sustained as a young gymnast, Pilates was the key to pain relief and an alternative to surgery. In 2008 she acquired a PMA accredited Pilates certification so she could bring this work to others.

After the birth of her daughter in 2010, her passion for the work deepened and broadened to the world of Pre and Postnatal Pilates. Feeling a lack of local resources, she sought out leaders in this community across the country to study under. After her pregnancy, Britt experienced lower pelvic floor dysfunction and diastisis rectus abdominis (a separation of the rectus abdominis muscle caused by pregnancy). This experience drove her to become specialized in this field to bring awareness and healing in the community.

Knowledge and understanding of the human body allows Britt to program for all of her clients in a challenging and safe manner. She has augmented her Pilates work with multiple specialty certificates as well as an ACE personal trainer certification. She uses Pilates and strength training techniques to help her clients achieve balance, strength and joy in their activities of daily living. She believes all training should be functional and most importantly fun.